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The CLAAS FARM PARTS product range

The product range for all your agricultural equipment requirements.

Everything you need.

The CLAAS FARM PARTS product range

The product range for all your agricultural equipment requirements.

Everything you need.

CLAAS FARM PARTS – our product range.

The current trend is towards ever larger farms, run on a fully professional basis. That means higher performance requirements for machines and technology, for spare parts compatible with multiple brands and farming sectors, and for equipment and fittings for the farm and homestead. Through the CLAAS FARM PARTS catalogue, your CLAAS sales partner has access to one of the most comprehensive product ranges for agricultural applications, covering all your day-to-day requirements for parts and accessories – everything from a tool carriage or ploughshare tips for your cultivator to work lights and the right lightbulbs. There's plenty to choose from!

How you benefit:

The name CLAAS FARM PARTS stands for a compensive range of parts and accessories across a wide variety of brands and sectors covering all your agricultural equipment needs, supplied through our CLAAS sales partners. The range includes not only tractor parts, but also parts for tillage, harvesting and livestock husbandry, and for hydraulics and electronics, engines and transmission systems. General horticultural and forestry accessories, trailer and vehicle parts and workshop supplies complete the offerings in the range.

Good to know:

Spare parts, wearing parts and accessories for CLAAS machines are still available exclusively via CLAAS sales partners under the CLAAS ORIGINAL product descriptor. These are original spare parts and consumables (lubricants, bale packaging material, etc.), developed and technically validated specifically for the relevant CLAAS machine models, all made to the highest quality standards and technically superior to competitor products. "Custom-made. Reliable. Efficient." remains the claim for CLAAS ORIGINAL parts.

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