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Farm management software

Software solutions for farms

CLAAS AGROCOM software helps to collect, manage and apply data about the farm, providing the user with a complete overview at all times.

Farm Management

Farm management software

Software solutions for farms

CLAAS AGROCOM software helps to collect, manage and apply data about the farm, providing the user with a complete overview at all times.

AGROCOM NET. Comprehensive field mapping for efficient crop production.

Management software – more important to your farm than ever before.

The volume of data collected automatically is constantly growing. Machine terminals collect data all the time – but they also need the relevant master data, such as field boundaries and inputs used, which are sent to the machine from the office.

Increasingly stringent regulations regarding crop protection and fertiliser application make the AGROCOM NET farm management software an indispensable tool on your farm.

From simple record keeping and documentation to more advanced functions such as reference track management, creating application maps and field management, the potential applications are as diverse as the challenges facing profitable modern agriculture.

The modular structure and expandability are therefore particularly important.

All of this is possible with AGROCOM NET, the crop production management solution from CLAAS.

Graphic display and analysis

Cropping plans – a good start.

Quick, cross-field planning tools.

  • Cropping plans
  • Varietal planning
  • Seed rate calculator

Land and lease management.

The land and lease management module is the ideal tool for simplifying rent payment and lease management.

  • Records and manages all lease agreements
  • Links to corresponding owners
  • Rental payment management
  • Graphic display of plot and owner management

Precision farming.

Rising input prices and stricter environmental protection requirements are making site-specific management more attractive all the time. A program such as AGROCOM NET is essential for creating application maps with minimum effort in the shortest possible time.

  • Map catalogue for saving all relevant GIS data
  • Pre-plan reference lines using existing field boundaries
  • Application maps for all fields with just one click
  • Geo-documentation of work processes

AGROCOM NET – modular and expandable.

  • Mobile data entry with smartphone app
  • Connects to all current on-board computers
  • Central master data maintenance
  • Cropping plans
  • Cross compliance documentation
  • Store management
  • Land and lease management
  • Graphical data
  • Application map manager
  • Network-compatible

AGROCOM MAP – the precision farming specialist.

AGROCOM MAP specialises in machine deployment, yield mapping and precision farming.

This PC program enables you to perform all precision farming operations quickly and easily.

AGROCOM MAP is a modular system – you can start with a basic version and then extend it by adding different modules to create a complete precision farming tool.

  • Job management
  • Graphic display of soil samples
  • Application maps
  • Yield mapping
  • Reference line management
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