Cab and comfort

The new control concept. Climb aboard and get harvesting.

Intelligent in the cab.

All the machine functions can be accessed easily thanks to the new CEBIS with a touchscreen. The most important ones can be adjusted directly by means of switches on the armrest. Operating the TUCANO is intuitive and is possible without previous knowledge. This means that even new operators are able to operate the machine safely and reliably in a short time and to get the most out of it.

New control concept.

Precise operation is ensured under all conditions, whether it's a question of a bumpy ride across a field or an operator who is just getting used to the system. Depending on the operator's preference, settings can be adjusted in three ways in the TUCANO:

  • Via the CEBIS touch function
  • Via switches for direct adjustment
  • Via the rotary push switch on the CEBIS control panel

New-generation CEBIS.

A gentle tap on the sensitive touchscreen and the new CEBIS terminal reacts immediately.

  • Representation of the entire machine in the overview
  • Direct access to all functions by touching the components in the overview

The new direct adjustment.

  • Adjustment of functions directly by means of switches
  • At the same time, a large dialogue box opens in CEBIS to show the adjustment
  1. Threshing drum speed
  2. Threshing concave distance
  3. Fan speed
  4. Upper sieve opening
  5. Lower sieve opening
  6. Rotor speed TUCANO 500
  7. Rotor guide plate TUCANO 500

CEBIS control panel.

  • Navigation in CEBIS via rotary/push switch and Esc button
  • Reliable operation during bumpy on-field operation

rotary/push switch (8), Escape button (9), favourites management (10)

New favourites management.

The most frequently used settings can be programmed as favourites. This feature allows operators to control their machines practically by touch alone while they keep a close eye on the front attachment and the crop flow.

  • Seven freely assignable functions
  • Direct access and adjustment by buttons on the CMOTION control lever

CMOTION control lever: favourite selection (11), favourite selection up (12), down (13), value adjustment via button (14)

The new CEBIS.

Intuitive dial and slide controllers.

In the new CEBIS, the settings can be adjusted in accordance with the operating conditions in three different ways. The new dial and slide controllers can be operated intuitively. Operators can choose the adjustment method which suits them best.


In the centre of the dial controller, the currently saved setting is displayed as a number. A light touch on the figure shown is all that is required to open the input keypad.

Dial controller.

In the outer part of the dial controller, a green shaded bar represents the current setting. The value can be changed by moving the triangle.

Slider and plus / minus

Next to the dial controller is the slide controller. This can be used to set the precise values by sliding the triangle or by touching + / –.

  • Clear layout and fast operation.

    The 12" CEBIS screen uses self-explanatory symbols and colour coding to give a clear picture of the settings and operating statuses. Thanks to the CEBIS menu structure and touch-sensitive screen, all settings can be entered in just a few steps.

  • Direct access to favourites.

    Operators can program their choice of the seven most important settings as favourites and call them up in three ways when working: via the button on the CEBIS control panel, via the star symbol on the CEBIS monitor or – the professionals' preferred method – directly by means of the CMOTION multifunction lever. Because with CMOTION, the favourites management system can be controlled with just two fingers:

    • Opening of favourites management using the star button
    • Selection of the favourites with the arrow buttons
    • Direct adjustment of values via toggle switches

    The operator's hand remains on the multifunction lever all the time. As no repositioning is necessary, the operator can concentrate on monitoring the front attachment and the crop flow.

Automatic machine setup.

Factory-programmed settings for over 35 crop types are available in CEBIS. In addition to these, users' own crop types and settings based on experience can be stored and called up whenever required. Favourite settings, which can be called up via a touch field in CEBIS, are also available.

The following machine parameters are set:

  • Threshing drum speed
  • Concave gap
  • Fan speed
  • Upper and lower sieve opening
  • Sieve throughput monitoring sensitivity
  • Residual grain separation throughput monitoring sensitivity
  • Specific crop weight (bulk density)
  • Crop-specific calibration factor

Useful hints for settings.

The new CEBIS provides operators with hints about the most common operating problems (e.g. crop flow problems in the cutterbar) which can be used to optimise the machine settings. In this way, inexperienced operators are familiarised with the machine quickly and their skills are enhanced by the learning process.

A perfect view of CEBIS.

Each operator can adjust the height and distance of the CEBIS terminal in accordance with his or her individual height and preferred viewing angle. Furthermore, the terminal can be pivoted far to the rear, independently of the armrest. This ensures a clear view of the entire cutterbar - when starting work in a new field, for example.

LED work lights and long-range work light.

The lighting systems ensure the best visibility for the entire work area and machine parts even at night. Intelligent features, such as the afterlight function, make for a complete package. Powerful H9 and LED lights turn night into day.

  • LED long-range work light for long-distance illumination in the dark
  • Side lights, steering axle lights
  • Automatic lighting of the unloading tube
  • Automatic reversing lights
  • Lighting for the cleaning system, grain tank and returns
  • Service lights below the side panels
  • Mobile work light

Cushions, supports, ventilates and keeps you warm: the deluxe operator’s seat.

Full support for dynamic, active work while seated. Active comfort control ensures optimal ventilation and sweat removal without subjecting the operator to unhealthy draughts. The air suspension seat with automatic height control adjusts automatically to the operator’s weight and effectively attenuates vibrations by up to 40%. A pneumatic, two-part lumbar support keeps your back in shape while the automatic thermostat for the seat’s heating keeps you warm and comfortable.