Operator assistance systems.

More safety and reliability. AUTO CROP FLOW.

What can we do to make harvesting more reliable? What can we do to make harvesting operations safer and more reliable? In extreme harvesting conditions, the operator has to concentrate fully all the time to be able to ensure trouble-free operation.


AUTO SLOPE. Automatic fan control.

Hilly terrain calls for extra concentration on the part of the operator. This is precisely why the AUTO SLOPE function provides support for adjustment of the cleaning system. If the machine is operating uphill, the fan speed must be reduced in order to avoid grain losses from the sieve pan.


PROFI CAM – everything in view.

All TUCANO models can be equipped with a PROFI CAM at the end of the grain tank unloading tube. This camera position has been chosen precisely to allow up to three processes to be monitored simultaneously from the comfort of the cab on an additional colour display.


CEBIS. The new control concept.

All the machine functions can be accessed easily thanks to the new CEBIS with a touchscreen. The most important ones can be adjusted directly by means of switches on the armrest. Operating the TUCANO is intuitive and is possible without previous knowledge. This means that even new operators are able to operate the machine safely and reliably in a short time and to get the most out of it.


More potential when you need it.

Documentation in the app.

The "EASY on board" app does more than just allow you to control all ISOBUS-compliant implements from a tablet. Job management and documentation can also be planned and performed in every detail, doing away with all the tiresome paperwork in the cab.

  • Create jobs directly in the app or send them to the machine from the farm management software
  • Send completed jobs to the farm management software.
  • Send job data to the customer by email
  • Use TC-Basic to gather key data, such as the area, yield, grain moisture and working time

More precise guidance.


The electro-optical sensors of the LASER PILOT use pulses of light to scan between the crop and stubble and steer the TUCANO automatically along the edge.

The LASER PILOT can be folded away for transport and is available for both the left and right side of the cutterbar. Its optimal positioning on the cutterbar side close to the crop edge enables a good viewing angle and ensures high functional reliability even with lodged grain and slopes.


Two sensor bands, incorporated in one of the picker units, detect the position of the TUCANO and automatically steer it on the best path through the rows of maize in all field conditions. In this way, AUTO PILOT contributes to greater performance and efficiency.

Support at the headlands.

TURN IN makes it easier for the machine to line up correctly. As the combine approaches the intended track, the automatic steering takes over from an angle of 90° (where the direction of travel of the machine is the only reference parameter) or even 120° (where there is a field boundary). TURN IN allows the operator to concentrate on the attachment and the machine without also having to attend to lining up correctly. TURN IN is standard with both steering system terminals (S10 / S7 terminal).

Automatic steering even at the headland.

The AUTO TURN function takes care of turning manoeuvres at the headland. The direction of the turn and the next track to be worked are pre-selected on the terminal. The steering system does the rest.