Engine and Running gear.

Increased engine output with high efficiency.

No compromises on power or endurance.

The high-performance engines in the TUCANO comply with the Stage IIIA (Tier 3) emissions standard. They have sufficient power reserves to deliver optimal performance even under difficult conditions.

Large cooling system with automatic dust extraction.

The TUCANO works with an extremely efficient common cooling system for the engine, the hydraulic system and the climate control system. The radiator frame has been enlarged to deliver a significant increase in cooling power. The automatic dust extraction facilitates continuous cleaning of the hydraulically rotating radiator frame and thus enables optimal cooling performance. Soiling of the cooling ribs is significantly reduced.

Air intake and air filter.

Fresh air for the engine of the new TUCANO is first drawn in by the rotating radiator screen. Thanks to the active pre-separation process, few particles reach the two air filters, the size of which has been increased considerably for the new engine. These important improvements allow maintenance intervals to be extended significantly and downtime to be reduced drastically.

All-wheel drive. More power under all conditions.

POWER TRAC all-wheel drive.

You can control the hydrostatic ground drive of the TUCANO – without operating a clutch or having to change gear – very easily and conveniently with the multifunction lever. Such operating comfort directly enhances performance with faster turns and precise adjustment of the travel speed to changing field conditions. Your choice for added power: all-wheel drive. A simple touch of a button switches to a hydraulically driven power system which keeps you moving forward even in the most adverse terrain. The all-wheel drive is reliable and maintenance-free.

Immense tractive power.

The all-wheel-drive axle has two central hydrostatic motors which are integrated in the axle and are characterised by significantly greater efficiency. The integrated design means that there are far fewer external hydraulic lines. Less dirt can be deposited in wet conditions and the risk of damage to the drive is reduced to a minimum.

Large tyres for the all-wheel-drive axle.

For even greater traction in difficult conditions and reduced ground pressure, 600/65 R 28 or VF 620/70 R 26 tyres are available (TUCANO 450 / 440). These two tyre options can be combined with certain tyres with a width of 800 mm.