Data management.

FLEET VIEW and TELEMATICS put the latest technology to work for you and allow you to achieve greater productivity with less effort. They optimise your processes, conserve your resources, improve working routines and transport logistics, optimise the machine settings and simplify your documentation.

Remote Service.

For maintenance and service requirements, CLAAS Service gives you direct access to specific machine data. This helps your CLAAS service partner to get the job done faster and more efficiently, particularly during short harvesting windows.


The FLEET VIEW app from CLAAS allows the grain transport team in your harvesting fleet to be coordinated in such a way that the combine harvesters can keep on working without idle time. The app continuously informs all the operators in near real time about the positions of all the machines in the fleet and their current grain tank fill levels.



Facts and figures provide the objective basis for all decisions aimed at optimising your operations. TELEMATICS gives a unique set of tools for getting this data, and all the key information on your work process and the machine – on a mobile device if required. That means less work for your drivers, and less time in the office for you.

Automatic documentation.

The system aggregates the data for each of your fields, fully automatically and with no driver input needed, and generates an optimised yield map, including for multiple machines or harvesting operations extending over several days. It also captures overall values for time and diesel use. All data are output in the multi-manufacturer ISO-XML format.