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Combine harvester front attachments

Committed to meeting diverse harvesting requirements.

Front attachments

Combine harvester front attachments

Committed to meeting diverse harvesting requirements.

Feeder housing.

Front attachments

Standard feeder housing.

The universal feeder housing is compatible with all crops, avoiding unproductive changeover time. A shallow intake angle to the threshing parts facilitates optimal crop flow. Rugged feeder chains with feeder slats ensure high stability while a replaceable wear plate guarantees long service life.

V channel feeder housing.

With the flexible positioning of the cutterbar mount, the V feeder housing facilitates fast, easy adjustment of the cutting angle. This ensures optimal adaptation to all field conditions and different types of tyres.

The feeder housing can be equipped with an additional middle support roller. Greater support of the feeder slats in the guide roller increases stability and optimises the guidance of the chain. In addition, an enclosed guide roller is available for use in dry and low-straw conditions.

Dust extraction at the feeder housing prevents dust from being stirred up immediately in front of the cab in very dry conditions.

Front attachments

HP feeder housing.

The HP (header pitch) feeder housing allows manual or hydraulic adjustment of the cutting angle to adapt to all field conditions. From the central position the cutting angle can be moved 8° back and 11° forward.

MONTANA feeder housing.

Control of the pivoting frame of the feeder housing as well as the cutting angle is based on the axle position of the LEXION MONTANA.

Front attachments

Front attachment drive brake.

Effective protection against foreign bodies and other causes of damage: the drive brake (1) allows the front attachment to be stopped immediately, if necessary, by means of the multifunction control lever. As the drive brake is fitted directly to the feeder housing, only a small mass needs to be braked. This means less braking torque and less wear.

Hydraulic reverse.

Blockages are taken care of easily: the hydraulic system (2) enables protective reversing with high starting torque. The hydraulic reverse can be actuated conveniently with a toggle switch in the cab. The direction of rotation of the hydraulic reel drive also changes automatically, providing additional support for the reversing procedure.

Front attachment interface.

Thanks to their standard interface, CLAAS front attachments can be fitted to LEXION, TUCANO and AVERO machines and are therefore available in all power categories. What's more, they have a whole series of functions and helpful features which allow them to meet even specialised requirements and so offer you outstanding flexibility. Benefit from the unique combination of high-value performance and equipment features.

Front attachments


The central connection coupling for all the hydraulic and electronic connections to the cutterbar.

  • You gain valuable time due to shorter attachment and removal procedures
  • Integrated design means there is no danger of confusion
  • Easy to connect, even under pressure
  • Environmentally friendly with no oil leakage
Front attachments

Central locking system.

A single lever on the left side of the cutterbar operates all locks simultaneously.