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Combine harvester front attachments

Committed to meeting diverse harvesting requirements.

Front attachments

Combine harvester front attachments

Committed to meeting diverse harvesting requirements.


Front attachments

The SUNSPEED sunflower cutterbars impress with their unique picking concept, very high output per unit area with the lowest losses and ease of operation.

The highlights at a glance:

  • SUNSPEED sunflower front attachment available as a 16, 12 and 8-row unit
  • Harvests flower heads exclusively - stalk-free picking concept
  • The height and speed of the reel can be synchronised to the ground speed conveniently from the cab
  • Adjustable guide plates keep the stalks securely in position
  • The gap between the shuttles can be adjusted to the stalk thickness
  • The shuttles can be adjusted for tilt
Front attachments

Adjustable shuttles

Front attachments

Snapping roller

Front attachments

Proven drive

  • Use

    The SUNSPEED sunflower cutterbar is the optimal solution for sunflower harvesting. The unique functional principle enables a significant reduction in both the load on the threshing system and the degree of cleaning required to remove non-grain constituents.

    Its high degree of versatility with regard to different row widths and stalk thicknesses makes the SUNSPEED the universal front attachment for sunflowers.

  • Technology
    • Knife drive features a low-maintenance oil-bath transmission
    • High cutting frequency of 1200 strokes per minute
    • Snapping roller and intake auger are driven by chains and belts
    • Shuttle width adjustable by up to 20 mm
    • Shuttles up to 1800 mm long for even stalk guidance
    • Adjustable circumferential reel speed
    • Adjustable intake auger speed
    • Automatic adjustment of reel speed based on ground speed
Front attachments

1 Adjustable guide plate   2 Reel   3 Knife bar   4 Snapping roller

Functional principle.

Once the sunflowers are collected by the shuttles, the adjustable guide plate ensures that the flower heads are pushed forwards. At the same time, the snapping roller below the knife bar pushes the stalks downwards. In this way, the guide plate and snapping roller prevent the stalks from being cut too soon. The cut is not performed until the sunflower heads are captured by the reel. As a result, only the flower heads reach the intake auger which finally delivers them to the feeder housing.

This unique functional principle makes for:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Increased threshing and cleaning performance
  • Low wear of all components

*Availability varies according to country