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Combine harvester front attachments

Committed to meeting diverse harvesting requirements.

Front attachments

Combine harvester front attachments

Committed to meeting diverse harvesting requirements.

CERIO cutterbars.

Front attachments

CLAAS has extended its range of standard cutterbars with the CERIO 930 to 560 models. These are based on the VARIO 930 to 500 cutterbars and represent an optimal alternative for grain harvesting.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Cutterbar table has an overall manual adjustment range of 200 mm
  • Large, 660 mm diameter intake auger for optimal crop flow
  • Reel optimised to reduce stalk take-up
  • MULTIFINGER intake auger
  • Crop dividers adjustable for height without tools
  • Use
    Front attachments

    The CERIO model series is based on the VARIO 930 to 560 cutterbars and is an alternative for grain harvesting. It is ideally suited to deliver high performance and high area output, whether operating in low or high-yield regions. The cutterbar table can be adjusted manually from – 100 mm to + 100 mm. This means that, despite the absence of a hydraulic adjustment function, the cutterbar is able to respond to differing crop conditions or varieties.

    The wide range of models, from the CERIO 930 to the CERIO 560, allows the LEXION, TUCANO and AVERO to use CERIO cutterbars.

  • Technology
    • Manually adjustable table position from – 100 mm to + 100 mm
    • Overall manual adjustment range of 200 mm
    • Knife drive shaft with automatic, telescopic function
    • Continuous knife bar and continuous reel
    • Front attachment mechanical drive on one side
    • Intake auger and knife bar mechanically driven via gearbox and drive shaft
    • Reel with optimised reel tine carriers, wear-resistant tine tube bearings and a new design to reduce risk of wrapping and stalk take-up
    • Angled cross-tube for a better view of the cutterbar table from the cab
    • Intake auger height is infinitely adjustable
    • Feeder housing and intake auger can be reversed
    • Stripper bars adjustable from the outside
    • LASER PILOT for automatic guidance system can be folded and adjusted without tools
    • Automatic parking and transport position
    • Automatic operating position
Front attachments

Cutterbar adjustment.

  • Manual adjustment under cutterbar table
  • Ten screw fixings allow adjustment of cutterbar table
  • Five table positions can be set: + 100 mm, + 50 mm, 0 mm, – 50 mm, – 100 mm
Front attachments

Use in rice.

The CERIO cutterbars are equipped ex factory - or can easily be converted - with a coated feed roller and a rice harvesting system for optimal performance in rice.

Front attachments

Rugged drive train.

Thanks to its planetary transmission, the knife bar drive runs extremely smoothly. When the cutterbar table position is changed, the drive shaft adjusts telescopically at the same time, thus allowing work to continue in any position without the need for operator intervention.

The feed roller and knife drive are protected by individual overload clutches. This system allows the CERIO cutterbar to withstand the most adverse conditions and ensures reliable operation.